Wetland Birds

The main groups of wetland birds are grebes, pelicans, cormorants, long-legged wading birds (such as the heron) and waterfowl, as well as a large group known as 'waders'. Waders include a variety of birds including godwits, knots, snipes, tattlers and sandpipers.

Australian wetlands provide a range of feeding grounds for these different birds. Snipes feed in long grass at the water's edge, plovers along the muddy shores; herons stalk the shallows, while grebes, ducks and cormorants feed in the open water. Some birds could not survive without wetlands; others may use them only to raise their young or to roost

More on Australian Wetland Birds    

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Australian Shoveler Black Swans Ballions Crake Banded landrail Banded stilt
Black duck
Black fronted dotterel Black tailed native hen Black winged stilt Cape Barren Goose
Chestnut Teal Common Greenshank Coot Darter with litter Dusky Moorhen
Flock Freckled duck Golden-headed Cisticola Golden Plover Hard-head male duck
Jabaru and croc Latham Snipe Little Bittern Little Egret Little Grebe
Little Grebe Magpie Goose Masked Lapwing Night Heron Pink-eared Ducks
Pollution Pollution Purple Swamphen Radjah Shellduck Red-capped Plover
Red-kneed Dotterel Red-necked Avocet Rednecked Stint Reed Warbler Royal Spoonbill
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Spotted Crake Swamp Harrier Teal-pink-eared and Shelduck Wandering Whistling Duck
Whiskered Tern White-faced Heron White Ibis White Ibis White-necked Heron
Wood Duck Yellow-billed Spoonbill