Wetland Birds of Africa

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African darter African Spoonbill &
Little egret

Blacksmith, Lapwing

Blue Crane Cape Teal
Cape Teal
Cattle Egret Crake, Black Crane, Grey-crowned Duck, Yellow-billed
Glossy ibis Goliath Heron Goose Egyptian Grey headed gull Heron, Grey
Heron, Grey Heron, Squacco Ibis, Hadeda Janana, African Kingfisher, Pied
Kingfisher, Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Giant Kingfisher, Giant Lapwing, Crowned Lapwing, White-crowned
Moorhen, Common Openbill Pied Kingfishers Plover, Three-banded Purple Heron
Sandpiper, Wood Skimmer Skimmers Stilt, Black-winged Stork, Saddle-billed
Stork, Saddle-billed Stork, Woolly-necked Striated Heron Thick knee, Water Woolly necked Stork
Yellow billed Stork