Small African Birds

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Apalis, Bar throated White throated bee eater Babbler, Southern pied Babbler, Southern pied Babbler, Arrow marked
Batis, chinspot
Brarbet, black collard Brarbet, crested Bulbul, red eyed
Bulbul, white eyed
Bulbul, Dark capped Bunting , Cape Bunting, Golden-breasted Cape Canary Cardinal Woodpecker
Chat, buff-cheeked Cliff chat mocking Dove, laughing Dove, Red eyed Drongo, forked-tail
Emerald spotted WoodDove Greenbul, yellow-bellied Grey Go awaybird Helmet shrike, white-crested Hoopee
Little bee eater Little bee eater Mocking cliff chat (female) Pigeon, African-green Red billed Oxpecker
Red breasted Swallow Robin, Chat Robin, Chat, white throated Rock thrush, Cape Scrub robin, Kalahari
Shrike, Crimson breasted Shrike, Magpie Sociable weavers drinking from cup Sociable weavers drinking from cup Sparrow, Cape
Starling, Cape Starling, Pale-winged Starling, Greater Blue-eared Stone chat, African Sunbird, White-bellied
Sunbird Thrush, Groundscaper Thrush, Kurricane Thrush, Kurrichane Village Weaver
Village Weaver Waxbill, Blue Village Weaver Wheatear, Capped White browed scrub robin
White eye