A selection of nature photos by Bob Winters. Bob has more than 30 years experience as a specialist nature photographer. Bob uses his photographic skills to help clients tell their story about their launch, festival or educational activities. He has organised many photoshoots to illustrate books. The following pages show just a small sample of Bob's brilliant photography on a range of themes.

African Wildlife Galleries



African Mammals

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African wildcat

African porcupine


Banded mongoose

Bat eared fox



Common duiker
Dassie or Rock hyrax
Elephant Elephant Gemsbok Gemsbok Girraffe
Ground squirrel Heartbeast Hippopotamus Impala Impala
Jackal Jackal Klipspringer Kudu Leopard
Lion Monkey Polecat Red lechwe Rhino
Sable Spotted hyena Springbok Springbok Tree Squirrel
Warthog Waterbuck Whistling rat Wildebeest Yellow mongoose