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All AUSMEPA education materials can be found on the AUSMEPA website, by clicking on school and literacy in the menu.

Ships and the Marine Environment
Investigates how ships need to be managed to minimize the impact on the marine environment. This complete unit of work has both student research material and a download of curriculum material.

Ports and the Marine Environment
Investigates the important role of ports and how they must be managed to prevent impacts on the marine environment. This complete unit of work has both student research material and a download of curriculum material.

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts: Greenloans Branch

Green Home Assessment: Engagement tools for Children
To meet the education needs for Green Loans, our team produced three booklets, one for each of three children age categories. These products had a range of family activities that provided children with varying degrees of leadership roles depending on their age. The titles of the booklets are: My Home, My Home Rules and My Home Apprenticeship

Southern Cross Recycling

Education material can be accessed from , teachers must login.

Schools Recycling Clothing and Household Items
Pat Armstrong and I developed and trialed a recycling program that involves schools collecting quality unwanted clothing and other household materials. The website has student research materials and teachers can access curriculum materials and a program to get their school involved in recycling.

Recycling at Mill Park Heights PS


The program illustrates sustainability in action. Students can use the calculator to find out how much money is made for charity, how much work was created, the savings in energy and water etc.

Bass Coast Foundation

Positive Pathways for Youth at Risk Assessment and Reflection Tools
A set of reflection tools were developed to help youth participants to be assessed and to reflect on how they wish to develop future careers. These were qualitative tools to be used in assisting the youth’s development.

Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport, Northern Territory

Darwin Botanic Gardens Education Service Guide
Four primary units were developed for the Darwin Botanic Gardens. It included pre and post visit activities. While at the gardens there were teacher lead activities and some activities designed to be conducted by garden staff.


Over 12 months, I prepared four children nature books, writing the text and taking the photographs. The books were published by Wilkinson Publishing with Gould League branding. The titles are:
• Australian Guide to Beaches and Rockpools
• Australian Guide to Garden Wildlife
• The Guide to Famous Australian Animals
• Australian Guide to Frogs and Reptiles

Photographic services

Among my clients who required me for photographic services were: Media launch, Yellow Mango, Port Phillip Eco Centre, AUSMEPA and City of Boorandara. . In addition most of the above projects also include my photographs.

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