Clients 2008

Phillip Is Nature Parks

Protecting our Australian Fur Seals
The student research material and curriculum materials have been presented on CD ROM. This program uses the research gathered by scientists on seals at Seal Rock and makes it accessible to students. Students can follow the research data gathered on specific animals and make connections to the conservation implications.


On Borrowed Time
A team of CIRO staff and three educators including myself developed a schools CD ROM education package to go along with the very successful CSIRP publication, On Borrowed Time. Students are able to manage farms using the latest discovered ecological principles. Teacher curriculum materials are also provided along with student information that will help them run the farm simulation activities.

Gould League

Eagleby Wetlands Education Kit: Gold Coast
This is a very extensive education package that enables schools to use Eagleby Wetlands as an education resource for nature, conservation and Indigenous cultural units of work. It has a wide range of field activities designed to take the initiative.

Australian Guide to Birds
This was in part a revision plus additional text of a book I wrote several years ago. I provided the majority of the photos. The new addition of my Gould League book was published by Wilkinson Publishing.

Eagleby Wetlands Education Kit



The Nestbox Book
I assisted Gould League staff with the revision and new text for this popular book. I provided many of the photos.

Revision of Drains to the Bay
Melbourne Water required a revision of the Drains to the Bay book I wrote several years ago when I was full time at the Gould League.

Blue wren centenary
I wrote the text for a large number of birds that was part of the Gould League centenary celebrations.


Teacher mentor program
RMIT developed a series of school environmental education case studies. A group of environmental educators including myself helped the teachers and principals write case studies about their school’s environmental achievements.

Environment Protection Authority

Greenhouse calculator
Dr Brian Sharley and I completed an extensive review of the written materials from the previous calculator. We identified the gaps in student information and activities and added new materials .

Photographic services

Among my clients who required me for photographic services were: Media launch, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, Gould League, Yellow Mango AUSMEPA. In addition most of the above projects also include my photographs.

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