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All AUSMEPA education materials can be found on the AUSMEPA website, by going to school and literacy in the menu.

Torres Strait literacy books for middle years
In 2009 I flew up to Torres Strait to work with students and staff at Tagai State College to develop two literacy publications. In our workshops we decided on the content and other aspects of the publication. As we went I developed a photo list and took the necessary photos to illustrate the book. The two titles, "Boating safety in Torres Strait" and "Our Environment, Our Future" is now the central focus for middle years literacy in the ten primary schools and the secondary college in Torres strait.

Student Leadership for Coastal Conservation projects
This extensive program is designed to assist students develop student based action projects and hence develop their leadership skills. It provides helpful guidelines for community groups to work successfully with students. Three examples of projects have been mapped out. These are communication projects, using digital images to record changing coastal environments and procedures for revegetation projects.

Pests and Threats
This is a complete unit of work examining the issues concerning introduced marine pests. Students can seek their information from a research centre and the teacher has everything they require in the downloadable curriculum materials.

Fisheries Victoria – Department of Primary Industry

Trailer posters
Fisheries Victoria required a series of 10 educational display posters that could be used on their education trailers. Each poster was designed to stimulate discussion about one major fisher activity or issue.


Trailer resources
Recommendations were made about additional education resources that could be used with the trailers.

Department of Sustainability and Environment

Victorian Wetlands: Resources for teachers and students
This extensive online wetland education kit focuses on marine wetlands and Ramsar conservation issues. It has student research materials and curriculum materials for two units of work on saltmarshes and wetland values of the intertidal zones. Included are fieldwork activities and resource materials. Students can access the resource materials and teachers can dowenload the curriculum materials on The middle years material were developed in conjunction with Dr Brian Sharpley.

City of Boroondara

Backyard Biodiversity
I was one of three authors in the development of this booklet. The publication inspires and empowers the community to create gardens to attract and conserve local biodiversity. I also contributed all the garden photos.


Greenhouse calculator
Along with Dr Brian Sharply we completed a final review of the student and teacher materials and added further activities to update the content.

Ebooks venture
Ron Smith and I are developing a series of ebooks that are for sale or fee on line. They can be accessed on These books are aimed at families with many easy to do family activities with an outdoor focus. Our first two titles are Bird Watching In My back Yard and Climate Change In My back Yard (free).


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