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Educating Options produces specialist education products to meet your organisation’s sustainability goals. We produce your sustainability content, programs, publications and websites.

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Educating Options is a one stop service to meet your sustainability education needs.

Many organisations are addressing their sustainability responsibilities. Education is one of the most effective and necessary methods for creating a more sustainable world.

Sustainability education focuses on long term behaviour change. Your target group could be staff, clients, the community or schools.

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Educating Options specialises in providing its clients with the sustainability education products they require to meet their goals. We will work closely with you to craft a product that will make a difference.

Schools education has changed. Student learning rather than teaching is now the focus for most Australian States.

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Student centered education requires specialist learning products. This style of learning is most successful when the topics relate to the students. It should be no surprise that topics that investigate sustainability in the student’s immediate environment and personal health are the most engaging.

We find that people’s awareness about the environment does not correlate with their action. There is a large proportion of our population that has not gone beyond the awareness stage. We specialise in behaviour change education, being firmly focused on the actions we wish the target audience to adopt.


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